Loan without credit bureau information, inquiry and entry – Express payment

Anyone who has a negative entry with the credit bureau, the house bank or another domestic bank usually grants no credit (more). The way out of this situation is a loan without credit bureau, ie a loan in which the information neither questions the creditworthiness of the applicant nor is informed of its conclusion.

See for yourself! Request a quote for credit without credit bureau free of charge and without obligation.

For a loan without credit bureau usually only the proof of income of the applicant is needed. But even people with intact credit bureau who want to take out a loan, without this on record is reported (because, of course, the banks report the inclusion of a loan in the course of the principle of reciprocity also back to the credit bureau), often opt out Good reasons for a loan without credit bureau query.

For example, if there is a short-term financing shortfall and a relatively small amount of credit is required, a large loan, for example for the financing of a property, is pending in the foreseeable future. Then a loan without credit bureau information can pay off, because the said loan is just not registered with the credit bureau and thus has no impact on the future credit score of the consumer. The much higher loan amount of a real estate loan can thus be taken up at more favorable interest rates.

But even for people who are offered by creditors a favorable comparison, may find a viable solution to their debt problem by means of a loan without credit bureau query. For in the context of such a settlement, the creditors usually waive part of their claims, and the total amount of liabilities is reduced.

The advantages at a glance:

  • the loan request is not recorded on the credit bureau account
  • no inclusion of credit bureau data in the credit check
  • thus lending possible despite negative information
  • no registration of a successful loan
  • despite borrowing the score value is not charged
  • The entire process is usually discreet and fast, online

Who are the providers of loans without credit bureau?

Since German banks are usually forced to check the creditworthiness of credit bureau before granting loans, the main providers of loans without credit bureau are foreign banks, which mostly operate through intermediaries on the internet. As Swiss banks used to offer these loans in the past, loans without credit bureau are still known today as Swiss loans.

In the meantime, these are mostly credit agencies that have their headquarters in Germany and have a network of various foreign banks (mainly from Liechtenstein) with which they work together. They mediate between the wishes of the customers and the offers of the banks and, after completing a loan without credit bureau, receive their intermediary commission from the bank. By the way, so-called loans from private can basically be realized without credit bureau.

However, a loan without credit bureau also has disadvantages

1.) Even if a loan without credit bureau, as stated above, can have many advantages, one should remember one thing: even a loan without credit bureau is not awarded without credit rating. Although the possibly existing negative entries are not inquired at the credit bureau, but ultimately the one who has no credit standing, no credit without credit bureau more granted.

2.) The cost of such a solution is not insignificant. It is all the more important to get informed well in advance, to compare the conditions and to differentiate the reputable from the dubious providers. Dubious providers require processing fees or agency fees even before granting credit, while with reputable providers, such as

  • Bon-credit
  • Maxda

The request is basically free and without obligation. Even providers who advertise with instant loan without credit bureau up to 100,000 euros and no credit check, are certainly not serious. A comparison quickly separates the wheat from the chaff and allows you to select advantageous offers.

3.) The sums for non-credit bureau loans are mostly in much lower regions of about € 10,000, and without regular income, they are not granted by reputable providers

Credit without credit bureau FAQ


Where can I apply for a loan without credit bureau?

Here at us, on, simply use the inquiry form, which you find at the top of this page. Of course, the request for a loan without credit bureau request is free of charge. You will receive your personal offer without any obligation, within a few hours, by e-mail and can then check whether the conditions you have given us are acceptable.

If I accept the offer, when will I get my money?

After accepting the offer and returning the signed loan agreement, your loan will be released. During the release, the agreed loan amount will be transferred to the bank account listed in the contract. Until the money is credited to your checking account, it usually takes between 24 and 48 hours. Based on these facts you can see that the execution of a loan without credit bureau, from the request to the disbursement, can usually be carried out successfully within a few days.

I want my cash in cash, is that possible?

The payment of your loan, as already mentioned, by bank transfer. So from the account of the lender to the current account of the borrower. A cash payment is not possible. The recipient account must be located at a bank in Germany and is recorded in the loan agreement.

Is such financing earmarked?

A loan without credit bureau query is usually not bound to a specific purpose, in other words, such as. For example, a car loan. Thus, this is a so-called general purpose loan. The borrower can therefore freely dispose of the borrowed money.

What are the interest rates?

The interest rate is not fixed, but variable as with other loans. Therefore, we can not give you a binding interest rate here. If you would like to know the conditions on which you can obtain a loan without credit bureau, simply ask for a free quote. You can see from this offer in black and white how high or low the interest rate is.

Is there also information for self-employed loans without credit bureau?

Self-employed can usually only make it difficult to obtain a loan without credit bureau entry or query. If you are self-employed and still wish to benefit from this solution, it is advisable to file the application with the involvement of a sponsor or co-applicant who is a worker and has a well-regulated income. As a result of this procedure, you can then also make use of a corresponding loan as a self-employed person.

Are students or retirees eligible as borrowers?

A loan without credit bureau information can only be given to people with regular income who are not older than 65 years. Elderly people over the age of 65 and / or receiving their pension as their only income are unfortunately out of the question for such a loan – as well as students who only receive BAföG. On the other hand, students earning an additional income of at least € 1,000 per month can make use of a loan without a credit bureau entry.

A loan without credit bureau query is in principle a credit without credit rating?

No, definitely not. As the name implies, in the case of a loan without credit bureau information, there is no query of the data stored there about an applicant. However, the applicant must be able to prove in writing that his income is sufficiently high to pay off the installment loan received. Someone who has no corresponding income can therefore not receive any credit without credit bureau information or does not have sufficient creditworthiness. For this reason, for example, no one who is unemployed can conclude such a loan agreement?

Where does the capital for loan financing come from?

The capital for most of the loans granted in Germany of this kind comes from only one specialized Liechtenstein bank. By contrast, Swiss banks are no longer active in this segment for legal reasons, unlike a few years ago.

There are reports of rogue vendors, is there anything wrong with that?

Yes, there are also dubious providers in this area. These try to make advance payments, useless insurance or additional services and with shady field staff checkout. If you want to save yourself such trouble, it is therefore advisable to use the offer on our site for your loan without credit bureau information. In this case you will incur no cost or other financial disadvantages. Rather, you receive your money at the contractually agreed terms within a short time.

What’s wrong with a loan despite credit bureau?

There are banks that may be more flexible in terms of exclusion than others. Thus, people whose credit bureau query has minor flaws can still get a loan here. More information on this can be found in the article entitled “Credit despite credit bureau.” For consumers whose information is clearly negative, or even for borrowers who want to avoid having to post a loan, such a solution is unsuitable. So who would like to have a loan despite negative credit bureau, should make corresponding use of a credit bureau-free loan.