Renovation loan for restaurant or gastronomy and kitchen


In gastronomy, a large amount of energy is consumed, especially in the kitchen. This is obvious immediately, since flocks, ovens, heaters, refrigerators and dishwashers consume electricity, which is included in the cost of food as an overhead cost.

In order to cover costs, companies have to analyze and optimize all the cost parameters, so that in the end there is still a profit on which the restaurateur can live. It is therefore all the more important to rely on modern kitchen appliances that have low power consumption.

Advantages of an energy-efficient restaurant kitchen

An energy efficient restaurant kitchen offers the restaurateur several benefits that justify the cost of his investment. Modern appliances typically consume less energy than older appliances, reflecting a better energy efficiency rating. Due to the lower electricity costs the running costs sink in the daily business, which has a positive effect on the calculation of the food.

If a main course suggested conversion to the new kitchen appliances with an average of 12 euros and then 11.50 euros, and if an average of 150 main dishes were sold daily, this alone would result in a cost saving of 75 euros per day. Surely, at first glance, does not sound like much, but within a month, the cost savings are already over 2000 euros, which would be about sufficient to stop another kitchen help.

Modern appliances offer more cooking comfort

New kitchen appliances typically have increased functionality compared to aging appliances, providing kitchen staff with additional cooking convenience and more efficient cooking in the kitchen. At the same time, the quality of the food remains at a high level or can even be increased by the new possibilities. This develops an increased motivation to work for the kitchen staff, which has an overall positive effect on the mood in the company.

Acquisition costs often only financed by credit

The purchase cost of modern kitchen appliances are often in the four- to five-digit range, since in a redesign of the kitchen usually several devices are replaced. Many companies can not meet this financing requirement from their own resources. Fortunately, catering businesses have the option of borrowing by taking out an online loan.

An energy-efficient restaurant operation is an important parameter for sustainable business success, as energy-efficient appliances can save costs and thus increase corporate profits. Especially in difficult times, energy-efficient companies are still able to cover their costs. The integration of an energy management system in the company requires a sensitization of the employees and if necessary a behavioral adaptation.

In addition, it is important to identify and visualize key performance indicators such as energy consumption over time, so that decision-makers can get indications of where potential savings still exist. Online loans, such as Vexcash’s loan, can provide financial support for the purchase of more modern kitchen appliances and renovation if equity is under-capped.

What should be considered for an energy-efficient kitchen?

If new equipment is purchased, they should have a high energy efficiency rating. In addition, a more efficient use of energy can be achieved if, for example, the waste heat produced during cooking is used for hot water heating or heating (installation of a heat pump for waste heat utilization). The energy consumption of refrigeration systems can be reduced by ensuring cold storage tightness, optimizing cooling options and cleaning individual components (evaporators, condensers) at fixed time intervals.

The standby losses of individual kitchen appliances (coffee machines, refrigerated showcases, dishwashers) often have a particularly negative effect on the energy balance in restaurant kitchens. With such devices, enormous potential savings are available, in individual cases should be checked whether a shutdown of individual devices outside the operating hours makes sense. The use of load optimization devices that have an automatic shutdown function has a positive effect on the peak power values ​​in particular.

Observe safety precautions

In addition to the energy-saving functionality of the devices, various safety regulations must be taken into account for new purchases. Electrical systems must be specially protected and fire protection regulations must be adhered to. The professional installation of ventilation systems and their regular cleaning is intended to prevent deposits from cooking oil and thus increase the risk of fire. In addition, the employer has a duty of care towards his employees, and must ensure, for example, that poor planning of the premises creates typical pitfalls (risk of injury).